Well known Italian Synch and Promotion Manager


Antonio Laino was born in Maratea (PZ) the 2nd of August 1974 and since sixteen years old moved to Potenza, Milano and Pesaro for his musical studies in conservatory and not only for that. In 2000 he settled permanently in Milan to work. His father and mother, an employee and a worker keen on music, though far from him, were always on his side to support morally and economically his dream: making the music his job.


After some years spent working in pianobars to pay for his studies and after teaching piano and keyboard, the first music promotion jobs started in 2000 with some collaborations. In 2003 he started working as a music consultant for Mediaset in major television programmes but, at the same time, he didn’t give up the passion for publishing and recording, becoming music consultant for some companies like Key Black, Cafè Concerto, Evento Musica (Artists like Riccardo Maffoni).



Because of choices and consequences of his life, in 2009 he founded Prosincro that will make him working as a music consultant throughout Italy for various companies like Linea Due Srl, in Pesaro. Working for that company, he managed the synchronization of Max Gazzè’s catalogue. Coming back to Milan in January 2011, he resumed his contacts with Television, becoming musical services provider directly to Endemol Spa and receiving the charge of producing The Money Drop in Germany and in Italy. He started again his music consultancy for Mediaset, but this time both as a professional and as Prosincro. Moreover since 2011 he’s been Synch and Promotion Manager for various labels, producers and artists like Mario Venuti, Antonella Ruggiero, Dodi Battaglia, Francesco Tricarico, VIrginio, Giorgio Vanni, Gigliola Cinquetti, Tony Canto, Clara Moroni, Antonella Lo Coco…and others. He’s concerned with promotion in the field of synchronization for artists and music catalogues. He carries out single projects of Max Gazzè, Francesco Renga, Francesco Sarcina, Milk, Federica Balucani and catalogs of companies like: Lova Music, Novaera, Fm Rercords, Brutture Moderne, Can Can Music Publishing etc.

Since October 2013 he has the charge of Music consulting for Artist First.
Since September 2016 he has the charge of A&R & Synch Manager for Cafè Concerto.

Antonio Laino is today a music consultant, expert in promotion, synchronization and management.